The Baseball Hall for the Very Good–the BHVG!

Seems to me that every time we hear the results of baseball Hall of Fame voting someone points out that among those that did not get elected the question was whether they were worthy of the Hall of Fame or were only very good.

So it stands to reason some enterprising entrepreneur should come up with a place for those players instead of just the notoriety of being eligible for induction for several years, but always falling short.  There is a place for a Baseball Hall for the Very Good.

Consider the membership.  It could include all who have survived keeping eligible for the Hall of Fame vote for a determined period of time or perhaps all who have received a certain percentage of votes in the past.  Take you pick 50%…30%…25%?   Once a player has received a vote total that high, but never able to crack the 75% barrier he is automatically honored by the BHVG.

He would be fully inducted into the BHVG at a dinner.  His plaque would hang in a BHVG Hall.  He would be immortalized even if Cooperstown’s standards were too high.

But the best part would be the “graduation” ceremony should he ever gain Cooperstown admission.  At the same dinner in which new inductees were brought in any that receive the honor from the BHOF would be told it is time to move on from the BHVG.  Their plaque would be removed from the wall and presented to them much as high school diplomas are given to graduates.  They had moved up and were now more than just very good.  They were full Hall of Famers.

The BHVG Hall  and dinner should be held in a city that is very good, but not one of the top ten in the country in size or influence.  Albany, New York, comes to mind.  The city is the number one stepping stone to Cooperstown for travelers from around the country when they drive over to see the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Years ago when Avis Rental Car was advertising, “We’re Number Two”, they would have been a natural major sponsor.  Maybe something could be worked out with some support from all the teams that finish second or just out of the post season in the preceding season.  Maybe the nation’s second best selling beer, soft drink or automobile company would work as a sponsor.  The possibilities are endless.

Let me quickly point out, however.  I have no intention of starting the ball rolling on any of this.  I am just an idea man.  I have offered my idea.  It is up t someone else to make it happen.


About gregclucas

Author, "Baseball-Its More Than a Game" available through, or by order. Veteran retired TV/Radio sportscaster with extensive play by play experience in MLB, NBA and college sports. "Houston to Cooperstown- The Houston Astros' Biggio & Bagwell Years" is available at many Barnes and Noble stores and other selected locations. Also can be ordered through Amazon as hard copy or on Kindle. He is currently working on a book of Houston Astro legendary moments, players and events to be published late 2018 or early 2019.
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