Wrapping It Up is Fun

With major league baseball teams only about two weeks from beginning spring training this will be the first spring in the past twenty seven years I have no reason to be paying very close attention.  My career as a baseball announcer is likely over.  I already know I am destined to be a casual and not everyday follower.  That is OK.  I have a lot of fond memories and nothing lasts forever.  Yet, I am not shutting down into full retirement just yet.

Over all the years I worked in baseball I did a lot of researching and writing pieces for pre game shows.  For many of those years I did a different piece for every game before both Astro and Ranger games on HSE/Prime or Fox Sports.  And I saved everything I researched.

So, now that I have the time to do it I am compiling a book that will tie in the history of the game with focus on its early years to some of the very stories and anecdotes I have dug up.   I am approximately 120 pages in right now and when I am finished I think I will have something fans will really enjoy.

It won’t be a dry, scholarly book, but rather one in which I point out some of the firsts in baseball with added detail about the players who were involved.  Stories of how the ballpark evolved to the evolution of the rules themselves with occasional side trips recalling some anecdotes brought to mind.

I thank my personal baseball library and all those who have done research before me plus the additional background that sites like Baseball Reference, Baseball Almanac, Retrosheet and SABR can provide.  I have enough sources to double check stories that may or may not have been accurately reported in the past.

This book will be as accurate as I can possibly make it.  And if I do say so myself it will be a fun read.  Trivia will be part of the book, but not in the form of questions and answers, but rather in the form of the stories surrounding that trivia.  Much of what I am writing was first researched from questions posed by fans when I communicated through e-mail or twitter on Astro telecasts.  Now those responses will be compiled in one handy book.

I have not been blogging much lately and for a very good reason.  I’ve been spending my time working on the book.  Who needs to get ready for the 2013 season?  I am having more than enough fun delving into the great history of the greatest sport ever invented…or, as one will find from the pages of my upcoming book…evolved.  I will keep everyone posted when I finish and more importantly publishing plans.


About gregclucas

Author, "Baseball-Its More Than a Game" available through Amazon.com, BN.com or by order. Veteran sportscaster with extensive play by play experience in MLB, NBA and college sports. "Houston to Cooperstown- The Houston Astros' Biggio & Bagwell Years" is available at many Barnes and Noble stores, Costco, Sam's Club and other selected locations. Also can be ordered through Amazon as hard copy of Kindle.
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2 Responses to Wrapping It Up is Fun

  1. Becky says:

    You *WILL* be missed my friend. You have NO IDEA how many, many fans you have here in Houston! You were a BIG part of the reason we found out something new every game. I LOVED
    your trivisa questions, and “sometimes” I got them right! All the best to you Gregg, you are one classy man. Becky 🙂

  2. David says:

    I can only echo Becky’s words.
    I loved listening to you and your insights about the game.
    It felt like I was listening to a friend. Many times what you had to say was way more interesting than the game itself and always added to the context of the game.

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