Would This Work?

All the debate about gun control leads me to a very simple thought.  Why not make it ammunition control?  Now I know Chris Rock did a very good comedy bit on this subject, but he really had some points.

People could collect most of the weapons they have now.  I might consider some sort of a registration system for collectors separate from that required for the general public to purchase a gun.  I might also want the general public not to be able to purchase some of the weapons in the “collector’s category.  However even the collectors would be restricted regarding the amount of ammunition they could own.

That would be the key.  There would be a restriction on ammunition. The number of live rounds would have to be negotiated, of course.  Shooting ranges would allow patrons to practice at their heart’s content as now. However, no shooter would be permitted to bring their own ammunition. The center would sell ammo.  Each shell expended would have to be accounted for and no live rounds could leave the premises. That was the rule as far back as my Army basic training and should be universal now.  If a range also sold ammunition above and beyond that used on the range the buyer could not exceed the federal limits.

And what would those be?  They would be set based on uses and types of weapons.  No one, however, could legally stockpile ammunition.  To buy more ammo, spent shells or shotgun casings would have to be exchanged.  If, for example, the limit was one full (not expanded) clip or load for a handgun more ammo could only be purchased to replace that allowed limit.

Legitimate hunters would have a limit in keeping with normal needs whether using shotguns or rifles.

The environmentalists might even like this plan since shell casings would have to be “policed” by shooters to qualify for replacement ammunition.

The sale of gunpowder or other necessities for “reloading at home” would be severely restricted.  Those items would not be sold to the general public.  Would some of the “bad guys” get around it or would unscrupulous internet operators try to open mail in services?

They sure would, but anything to make it harder to use guns as a one man weapon of mass destruction is at least on the right track.  

Let us do something instead of just talk.  Enforce the laws that exist and write a few new ones.  In this era it Is not just the availability of guns that can set a deranged person into a school or movie theatre.  It Is movies, video games and broken homes as well.  Putting more guns in more hands is not the answer. Making it more difficult to use them as mass klling machines is.





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