World Did Not End for Vast Majority


Only an estimated 150-160 thousand people left this earth on the day the Mayan calendar has predicted everyone would, according to a number of psuedo experts.

That figure is the normal death rate per day in the world.  It sounds like a lot, but when one factors in the total earth population of more than seven billion, fifty-five million AND also considers that over 300,000 more souls are born each day Mother Earth did not run a deficit.  The only folks “upset” are those who were so positive that the ancient Mayans certainly had to know more than anything modern science would know.  That was a bad supposition, but it has happened before–remember Y2K?

Today dawned as yet another great day to be alive unless…

You were so certain the end was coming you bought a car you had no way of affording last week just to get some time in it before the end came.

You maxed out all your credit cards to have real fun that last week knowing you would never have to pay them off.

You had already given away all your money and possessions to find a cave in the mountains hoping to ride it out.

 You didn’t bother with Christmas shopping since Christmas was never going to come.

 You had totally cleared your conscience by emailing all your acquaintances confessing to all your secrets.

You had started eating everything you wanted and lots of it and now weigh thirty or forty pounds more than you should.

You had done all those things you had fanticized about and now have to face the consequences.

 Yes, today is a great day…for most of us anyway






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