Getting to the Root of the Problem

With some time on my hands I have started to undertake the job of trying to find a swimming pool leak.  My wife and I have eliminated some of the early suspects.  We have had all the equipment off for weeks and have noted the level has quit going down now that the water has dropped below certain levels.

That may mean only one thing.  Tree roots causing problems with the pipes as they have done with the concrete pool deck.  We hired some men to take down a very nice Magnolia that was planted by prior owners just too close.  Before we hire men to start digging and track the leak we decided to try to get to the root of the problem ourselves.

This will be tedious and we will take our time but it got me to thinking.  That is exactly what the Texans need to go do gain the full support of their nervous fans right now.  They have to get to the root of their problems against the top teams in the NFL.  My wife and I will eventually get to the root of our problem.  We have all winter to work on it.  The Texans have far less time.

Unfortunately some of the Texan problems are “rooted’ in injuries.  The linebacking corps without Brian Cushing is not a strong suit.  The defensive line is really only about two strong in real talent.  The defensive backs are not as bad as they sometimes look because star quarterbacks are not bothered enough by the pass rush.    The Texans disappointing play of late, albeit with only one actual loss, can be traced primarily to a defense that just is not what it was when the season began.

This Texan team has some good, but not great offensive talent starting with quarterback Matt Schaub but including such stalwarts as Arian Foster and Andre Johnson.  None of the three are really in superstar status this year.  Johnson can still catch the ball, but seems to have less separation speed.  Or it is that Schaub can’t consistently throw an accurate long pass?  Foster tackles himself with many slips when making cuts and does not seem to make as many quick moves at the line of scrimmage as he once did.  It all adds up to the Texans having more problems keeping drives alive and putting their defense on the field too much.

Even so, having said all this the Texans are still good enough to win the Super Bowl.  They may need a good draw and securing home field advantage and no more injuries while others who have been sidelined return to full strength.  They may need luck.  No team that wins the Super Bowl does it without some luck somewhere.

The games against the Colts will be crucial.  Andrew Luck has been a wonderful addition to Indianapolis and have proven to be one of those fourth quarter winning quarterbacks.  Even so the Colts can be had if the Texans put on the pressure.  They are a better club top to bottom than Indy and have played a tougher schedule with a better record.

Could the Texans quirky schedule be the primary reason why some parts of the team have not performed up to standards?  Could those overtime games and short weeks simply still causing an effect?

Could that really be the root of the problem and maybe the real reason why some performances have not met the stadards expected?

Houston needs to dominate Indianapolis this weekend.  They need to rebuild their confidnce–and many of their fans.In the meantime I will be outside digging up some roots and rooting for the Texans on Sunday



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